Finally! A usable wide angle zoom for the α7 (pdf)

German version of articleThis article has been archived and is only available as pdf: Finally a usable wide angle zoom for the a7



13 Antworten zu Finally! A usable wide angle zoom for the α7 (pdf)

  1. Matt Payne sagt:

    I saw you mentioned no vignetting with a step-up ring and a 77mm filter? Can you say which step-up ring you use? Thanks!

    • J. Haag sagt:

      Hi Matt,
      I am using a no-name 72->77mm step-up for my 77mm ND and polarizer. I think any 72->77mm step-up would do.

  2. Johne377 sagt:

    Definitely, what a fantastic website and informative posts, I definitely will bookmark your blog.All the Best! fcbkbcedfded

  3. Rainer sagt:

    I was surprised how good an APS-C lens performs on my A7! I’ve tried an 60mm 2.8 SIGMA! The SONY 10-18mm is also on my wish list!

  4. Joe sagt:

    Hi, also from Cologne 🙂 did you sharpen the JPGs – really nice quality of pictures

  5. don sagt:

    thks for great review. you use 10-18mm on a7s in crop mode, correct? this mean the resolution less? for taking video, do these two lens yield big difference in IQ? may be something you can address in the coming review…. thks again!

  6. Juan sagt:

    Great write-up! Any chance you could do a Sel10-18 comparison against the Sel 16-35FE? Say both at 16mm?

    • J. Haag sagt:

      I wanted to keep it secret, but since you asked: I am actually preparing a comparison with 16-35@16mm on a7 and 10-18@10mm on a6000.

  7. Rob Sims sagt:

    Is there any reason to keep the SEL1018 now that you have the FE 16-35? Just curious.

    (I’m also using the SEL1018 on an A7 and with a custom lens profile in LR it works well enough for non professional work where smudged corners are not a problem!)

    • J. Haag sagt:

      Hi Rob,
      difficult question. I am using an alpha 6000 for travel and that is where I will use my SEL1018 in the future (like in the past). If you like e.g. architecture and the full-frame ILCE is the only camera you have, if you are not planning on using the 10-18 for professional work and you don’t need a wide-angle for professional tasks on top, I would not go for the 16-35. If you can spend the money for fun or need it for professional work the 16-35 is what I recommend. I was happy with the 10-18 on the alpha 7 up to last Saturday ;-).

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