Trigger remote flashes with the Nissin Air System (pdf)

This post was archived and is only available as pdf: Trigger remote flashes with the Nissin Air System


6 Antworten zu Trigger remote flashes with the Nissin Air System (pdf)

  1. mikeduijvelaar sagt:

    Hi I would like to know if the receiver can trigger a studioflash, like a godoxflash.

    • J. Haag sagt:

      Hello Mike,
      as far as I know, the Nissin Air System is designed to trigger either the Nissin Air flashes or system flashes using the Nissin Receiver Air R. I would use a dedicated Godox-Trigger to trigger a Godox studio flash.

  2. skordilis sagt:

    hello and thanks for the info. i want to ask you something about nissin di700a. i use only air commander on my camera and i set the flash to TTL. sometimes after 100-150 shots evens if the battery is full (1.30 volt) the indicator of the flash goes red and refuse to charge. you have any similar problem?

    • J. Haag sagt:

      Hello. No, I did not yet have any similar problem. Don’t know what this could be, but my first guess would be some kind of overheating problem.

  3. bill sagt:

    ATG and Nissin made it for the world to use & enjoy the art of flash photography.

    You no longer need to buy Sony HVL-F60M. Beside it can’t do ATG radio TTL.
    You no longer need to buy Nikon SB-910. It can’t do ATG radio TTL.
    You no longer need to buy two Canon 600EX-RT, just to get ATG AF assist beam.

    • J. Haag sagt:

      Bill, Thanks or your comment. Can you tell me what ATG stands for. I tried to find out but Google just delivers links that don’t help.
      And yes, you are right and I share your opinion. As a Sony user you don’t need to buy Sony anymore to do regular or remote flashing.

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