An indispensable travel companion: iUSBport²

When I am traveling, this device is an indispensable companion to me and my insurance against data and image loss: the HyperDrive iUSBport². Today I would like to show you this little helper and the most helpful features from my point of view.

Dieser Beitrag in DeutschAre you going on travel without preparing yourself for the trip, no matter if you are going for 1, 2 weeks or longer? I get information on the country, the people, necessary vaccinations, best travel time, what the weather will be and what the sights are. The luggage is sorted out with care, clothes are chosen depending on the journey and all other stuff needed is put together. Photographers are putting some thoughts in what gear to take, which camera or cameras, lenses, filter, batteries and so on is put in the photo bag. And some photographers – like me – think about how to protect the images made from theft, unintentional formatting or a defect of the memory card. There are many possibilities to protect the valuable images and a first discussion with other photographers resulted in a huge bunch of different solutions like taking a portable computer, which I would not do to save these 2 kilos of additional weight. Others use dedicated image tanks or Android based smartphones or tablets, which are no options for me since I am using iPhone and iPad. Image tanks where the most appealing solution to me, even if not the final solution since good image tanks are rather expensive and very limited in use. To me the HyperDrive iUSBport² is the right device because it is almost like a swiss knife with its multitude of useful functions – here are the most important from my point of view:

  • Easy, incremental copying of images from camera to an USB hard drive
  • Wireless USB port for iPhone and iPad to enable access on data stored on USB device
  • internal battery for 8 hours usage
  • 2 x 5 watt USB-ports to run hard drives and charge any portable device like smartphone or tablet

Backup of images through incremental copies

The most valuable function of the HyperDrive iUSBport² is the very easy copying of images from the camera to any USB device like a hard drive which does not even require the use of the iUSBport-APP. The following video shows how easy to use this function is:

The outstanding part of this function is that there will be one folder on the hard drive for each memory card and after the first copy procedure all further copy procedures only copy new images or files which have been created since the last copy procedure. This method avoids a complete and time consuming copying of all image files at the end of the photo day – ideal for a journey where new pictures are made each day.

Access USB devices through smartphone or tablet

The next video shows how to access the USB hard drive via iUSBport-App and first I thought I could demonstrate that using my HDMI-Grabber to record the stream coming from Apple-TV on which I synchronized the screen of my iPad. For any reason all my efforts where useless. The HDMI-Grabber works just fine but obviously it does not with Apple-TV. It always indicates an error, no matter what screen resolution, refresh rate or which cable I use – other devices are just working fine with the HDMI-Grabber and so this must be something particular in connection with Apple. Therefore I show the access on an USB hard drive via iUSBport-App using a mixture of iPad-screenshots and filming the operation of the iPad:

Internal battery as emergency power supply

The final short video shows that the internal battery of the HyperDrive iUSBport² can be used as an emergency power supply for your smartphone or tablet:

You can purchase the HyperDrive iUSBport² through these affiliate links: Sanho IUSB2 iUSBport 2 bei or HyperDrive iUSBport2 on


2 Antworten zu An indispensable travel companion: iUSBport²

    • J. Haag sagt:


      I never did a real measure but I can say, that it is not the fastest. But it works and since it does a sync not all files are transferred each time but only the new ones. I never had problems because of the speed but yes, I could/should be a bit faster.

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